Underwear Ad Campaigns: Themes Range from tame to Raunchy

Some underwear manufacturers have sexually-charged packaging and other brands have much tamer packaging with photos that appeal more toward the comfort of the underwear. The brands that use sexy marketing tactics use photos would make your grandmother blush. Their photos sell "sex" more than the usefulness or comfort of their underwear.

Aspiring underwear models should consider: What poses am I willing to do? Does this campaign help my career in the long run? Is the campaign have any artistic value or it the campaign just soft core porn that will hurt my reputation?

Some underwear photos go as far as showing semi-see-through fabric or wet fabric that almost allows the viewer to see the models bare penis. If you are posing in see-through or thong-style underwear, you should ask for double the payment rate that you would be paid for tame underwear. Are you willing to pose for underwear which basically is a full frontal nude?

Many underwear brands that employ the sex sells approach to marketing try to make the models penis look as large as possible in the photos. For these companies, a male model should be expected to make his penis partially erect at the shoot. You can read more about what models do to make the penises appear larger in underwear.

For example, the slogan for Wax Brand is "put a little fire in your pants" and recently ran an ad campaign featuring Landon Lueck of The Real World: Philly that hints at bisexuality.

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Wax Brand ad campaign featuring Landon Lueck of The Real World: Philly, hints at a Guy-Girl-Guy threesome. Note the bulge in the model's underwear. The photographer is emphasizing the model's penis size.

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To start on the road to becoming an underwear model, read become an underwear model.



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