How To Become a Male Underwear Model

Disclaimer: This article gives you tips on how you can launch your Underwear Modeling career, on your own, without our involvement. We have no modeling jobs or opportunities to offer you. We do not submit you to photographers or underwear brands. We do not want to photograph you. Please do not send us photographs of yourself.

Are you a sexy beast when seen in your undies? Are you frequently disrobing and running around in your underwear? If you have developed a muscular body and love showing off (almost) every inch of it, you might be the type who could excel as a Male Underwear model. You may think that appearing on the front of underwear packaging is your only goal. However, it might be smarter to take an alternative (and more easily obtainable) step before pursuing that hard-to-obtain goal.

Ways to Getting Started as a Male Underwear Model

Let's look at the most common ways a young man who has no contacts in the undergarment industry (someone like you) can get started:

  • Submit snapshots of yourself to underwear brands (manufacturers)

  • Submit snapshots of yourself to photographers who shoot underwear ad campaigns

  • Get accepted by a large modeling agency in a major city such as Los Angeles, New York or Miami

  • Team up with your friends to "create" a modeling opportunity from scratch through a crowdfunding site

Choose a Sure-Thing Over a Long Shot

Unfortunately, sending in photos to a person or company hundreds of miles away from your hometown is a long shot. The chances of getting your career started that way is slim. Airfare and hotels can amount to several hundred dollars. Will a brand want to spend money on travel to fly you in - when they can instead hire a guy in their same city - and avoid travel costs? Yes, a kid in Kentucky might enjoy a major stroke of luck and get contacted after submitting snapshots from 1200 miles away, but you simply cannot rely on longshot chances like that. However, if you wish to try it, follow the instructions for submitting snapshots on this page.

Although your chances of getting the attention of an underwear brand are slim, don't give up yet. We are going to tell you a sure-fire way you can absolutely land your first underwear modeling assignment and be seen in those skimpy undies by many thousands - if not millions - of people.

Underwear Manufacturers Vs. Online Retailers

Before you start contacting companies, get to know the difference between an online underwear retailer and an underwear brand. An underwear brand actually makes underwear and has workers sewing waist bands onto fabric in a factory. This type of company is different from an online retailer - which simply sells underwear created by another company through their online store.

Both types of companies need photography, but an underwear brand, also called a manufacturer, will pay a lot more and will be the type who will print model's images on underwear packaging - which includes boxes and poly bag pouches. Online retailers will pay very little per photo because they do not have the large advertising budgets a brand enjoys. They often want to use photos that are different from the standard photography assets supplied to them by the manufacturer - because they want a standard "look" to their site's catalog. If you become an underwear model for an online retailer, give up the dream of appearing on a box on a shelf at your local Target.

Underwear Boxes Not Only Modeling Job Available

You may have seen billboard modeling which shows an underwear model. These are rare modeling assignments that are likely offered only to models who are already part of a large modeling agency located in a big city.

Here is good news: while gracing the front of an underwear box may be a very rare and hard to obtain goal, there are other mediums that depict you wearing underwear and give you the chance to be adored by everyone in your hometown. We will tell you exactly how to take advantage of crowdfunding sites later in this article, but first, let's discuss the old, longstanding method guys try to get noticed: sending in snapshots...

Going the Old Way: Sending In Photos

If you choose to make a play for being discovered by sending in photos to an underwear brand, here is our advice for the types of snapshots to create. (Remember, this site does not want photos for you. We are simply providing free advice on how to create great photos you can send to professionals we have no association with these professionals.)

Checklist When Taking Underwear Photos:

Assure you photos have a lot of light, but do not pose with a window behind you. If you take your photos indoors, turn on every light in the room. Shooting outdoors is much more preferred because there is ample light. You also send the message that you are not shy. You are not fearful of being seen in your underwear outdoors.

Avoid shadows. Yes, your muscles look great in the bathroom with overhead lighting, but people need to see your your whole body looks like. No heavy shadows in your face or muscles.

In focus. Don't send in blurry photos. Photos become blurry when you shoot indoors and your camera or cell phone is held in a human hand. Instead, set (or prop it up using) the bottom of your camera or cell phone on a stable surface.

Have someone else shoot your photos. Avoid bathroom cell phone pics. If you are afraid of someone else seeing you in your underwear, then you are not ready to become a model. Be bold. Its time to grow up and be professional. Ask a friend or parent to take your photos. And make sure your friend takes this seriously. No giggling.

Make sure you wear form fitting underwear. Use a plain style. Do not wear trendy, colorful underwear. a solid color is best.

Shoot multiple snapshots, capturing these body parts:

Types of Snapshots to Create

You only need one shot of your face looking at the camera. Professionals call this a "headshot". When you shoot a headshot, have your friend bring the camera close to your head. Only your head, down to shoulders, needs to be seen in a headshot.

Look down to the floor for other photos that are designed to show your body.

Shoot a full length photo that shows your body from head to feet. Once again, it is crucial this be well-lighted and not have shadows.

Shoot multiple close up shots of various body parts. Your face does not need to be in the close up shots of body parts.

Close up: A side view of your legs, flexed, from below waist to your feet

Close up: Crotch area. A close up of your hips down to mid-thigh. This will give professionals a clear view of what your penis and hip area look like. Be sure to read our advice on penis size for underwear photos, but do not send in photos that clearly show an erection. Doing so shows that you have a lack of judgment that may turn people off from working with you.

Close up: Do the same for your buttocks. Have your friend bring the camera closer and fill the camera's frame with your buttocks, from hips to back of mid thigh. (Be sure to do several squats before shooting your buttocks and legs.)

Optional Close up: Be sure to take a photo of any exceptional or unique trait you have that others do not. If you have good hair, make sure that is shown. If you have great lats, make sure you shoot a photo where your arms are bowed and lats are flexed. Same with a large back. If you got a good one, show it. The same applies to any assets you have.


Include the following measurements with your audition photos. Read this article on how to measure your body.

Chest size:
Bicep size:
Body Fat Percentage:
Waist size:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Willing to Pose fully nude: Don't be desperate and answer "yes" simply to get the job. Answering "no" will not disqualify you with a legitimate professional. This is just to get this issue out in the open.

What To Do When Snapshots Ready

Once your snapshots are ready, email them or mail color prints through the US Mail to professionals. We provide a list of underwear brands. (Then hope you receive a response.) But, what if you could guarantee you get your first Underwear Modeling job - without going through an underwear brand or contacting a photographer? That's where crowdfunding can help you.

By Taking Control, You Avoid Sleazy People

When you create your own calendar, you avoid having to encounter sleazy characters that are attracted to underwear modeling.

The reason why scumbags are attracted to underwear modeling is because underwear modeling is close to nude modeling - due to what little you wear in the photo. And underwear models often are nude in the studio when they change into different underwear styles.

Sleazy people understand that a lot of young men do not want to pose fully nude and expose their penises. However, a number of young men - are - eager to wear underwear in a photo.

So, people who have malicious intent and who wish to trick inexperienced young men are attracted to the underwear modeling business. Since they know there are a lot of guys who want to become underwear models, they create fake modeling jobs. They may say that they want to hire you for underwear modeling but they may actually want other things from you, which they "pop" on you at the last minute, when you have little time to make an informed decision and do not have your support system around to help you.

Not that nude photography is bad - when involving a talented, reputable photographer, but many goofballs who simply want the excitement of photographing as many naked college-age boys as they can, they use claims of modeling jobs as "bait" to get naive guys into their studio (which is often a basement or spare room in their home). There is no modeling job for you and the photographer will do nothing to help your career.

But when you create your own calendar, you take control of your career. You avoid unethical people and elevate yourself to a higher professional level, by being a "calendar guy."

Your First Underwear Modeling Job Will Appearing in a Calendar

A lot of guys want to be underwear models. Its a great thrill that makes the ladies swarm and adore you. But there are many more young men who wish to get into the business than there are opportunities to go around. Everyone cannot get onto underwear packaging. You may have awesome abs and a beautiful butt, but it is rare to be one of the small percentage of guys who land a Underwear Modeling gig.

Your hard work in the gym can be the same type of dedication that can actually create an underwear modeling gig from scratch! And you do not need to persuade anyone to choose you!

Crowdfunding is the new equalizer for models. Many film makers use crowdfunding sites to successfully obtain money to cover costs of producing their low-budget movies. If you can locate eleven other friends who, like you, are open to posing in underwear, you can use a crowdfunding site to collect funds to finance your appearance in a calendar. This calendar becomes your first Underwear Modeling gig!

You and 11 of your friends appear in this calendar once it receives adequate funding by using the crowdfunding site. You and your friends use word-of-mouth promotion to encourage everyone you know to pre-order a calendar, which collects funds to cover printing costs. It is highly likely for the parents of one of your friends to pre-order 100 calendars - just because they want their son to appear in a calendar!

Pin-up calendars have been commonplace since World-War II, when pinup models appeared in calendars that were supplied to troops overseas. From male models, actors, firefighters to Chippendales, have appeared in calendars. Now is your chance to become "Mr. July." Appearing in a local calendar can also be an effective means for beginner models to get famous locally and get noticed by big city professionals.

Crowdfunding sites allow beginner underwear models an easier way to get their modeling careers launched. The exciting part is that you do not need to get some stranger to "accept you" or chose you for this honor. You are creating an exciting opportunity for yourself and eleven others. The added bonus? You and your buddies own it and reap the profits.

Something To Show Your Grand kids

Appearing on someone's wall for a month is a special honor. Calendar photos are more than just a photograph. When you adorn the pages of a calendar, you become "Mr. February" or "Mr. November."

Decades from now, when you have grandchildren, you will be able to wow them and say "Grandpa was "Mr. January" in a calendar way back then." You will always have a dusty copy you can pull out and amaze your friends. And its always a conversation topic. In bars, your buddies will introduce you to girls by your month, "Hey, girls, wanna meet Mr. March?"

Do You Know Eleven Other Males With Same Desire?

Some guys would be more than willing to pose in their underwear, but they are worried about their penis size. While the issue may not concern you, they don't know what the average penis size is for guys and they are afraid of being embarrassed on their college campus or at the gym. Males are visual. You can try to convince them verbally all you want. But, some just need to "see themselves" wearing underwear in photos for the first time to "see" that they will not look stupid. Offer to take practice photos of your friend. "Practice photos" are not published. If you do not feel comfortable photographing your buddy alone in his underwear, then schedule multiple buddies at the same time. Groups take off the "macho" pressure. Send this page that discusses penis size for underwear photography. It explains a lot about how guys avoid looking like they have a small penis in photos.

Your Dedication in Weight Training Is The Same Dedication Needed For Crowdfunding

You hit the gym each day that is required. You don't shrug off your goals. You know buddies with the same dedication. Clean living. You follow a crazy diet plan and avoid fast food which would ruin your abs. That's dedication and stick-to-it-ness. These same traits are needed to be succesful at promoting your crowdfunding page.

To be a calendar boy, take these steps:

  • Gather at least eleven other friends who are willing to pose in underwear. (We give you tips on what issues concern the average guy the most.)
  • Post a "project" on a crowdfunding site. Describe a calendar that will be produced IF the minimum quantity of pre-sale orders is pledged. Charge $14.95 per calendar.
  • Creating a crowdfunding project and walking away will not work! You must encourage people you know to support it and help "get the word out" to people you do not know. (We give you promotion tips below)
  • You will likely need 600 calendars sold to have enough funds to cover production costs.
  • If each guy gets at least 50 calendars pledge through the site, you are set.
  • Once you obtain the minimum quantity of pre-orders, the credit card of everyone who pledged will be charged.

How to Promote Your Crowdfunding Calendar:

People who know you cannot support your project if they do not know about it. Do everything you can to let everyone know about the project. Pay special attention to people who will order more than one copy of the calendar. Don't forget to ask grandma. Break the rules... use non-traditional promotion efforts. Tell everyone.

  • You and the other would-be calendar models must tell everyone. Everyone! Ask family, friends, coworkers and anyone you know to pre-order calendars through your crowdfunding page.
  • Search for bloggers who specialize in writing about your college, your school's sports team, or your city. Ask bloggers to "do a post" to encourage their readers to pre-order the calendar. Contact local reporters who write for your city's newspapers and TV stations.
  • On campus, use chalkboard notes in big classrooms. Visit classrooms the night before class and write a note on the chalkboard that encourages other students to support the calendar.
  • Do anything and everything you can to gather enough pledged orders to put your over the top - so your calendar's printing costs will be met.

You Are Stronger With a Team

You may think of starting your underwear modeling career as an individual. Most underwear models appear in photos alone, after all. If you are the only guy to disrobe after the bars let out and run around the parking lot in your underwear, you may think this career move is only about you.

But, teaming with eleven friends allows your promotion efforts to be greater than the efforts of just one individual. Plus, but making this a team effort, it is socially easier to promote the project. You are not asking for help from others just for you... its for every guy who will appear in the calendar. Teaming up with other guys helps you in the long run, because without a calendar, you may not have any underwear modeling opportunity. This opportunity exists for you - because of the group.

You and Your Buddies Split Calendar Profits

Once a minimum quantity of pre-orders are collected through your crowdfunding page, you begin to increase your profits. And you and the other guys who appear in the calendar get to split this profit. In other situations, some other person would keep the money, with crowdfunding, you and your buddies are the owners.

Team with Friends Who Are Natural Promoters of Themselves!

You may have friends who would look awesome posing in underwear. But, will they also contribute time and effort to help promote the project? This is not about just posing and relying on someone else to do all the work promoting the project. Each guy in the calendar must help collect pre-orders - otherwise, the calendar will never get printed. So, don't make a friend's attractiveness the only factor you consider when choosing friends to be part of this project. Also consider active and energetic friends who can contribute a lot of enthusiasm to the promotion effort.

Your Admirers Are a Potential Support System

Girls come up to you all the time and say "you should be an underwear model." Any sexy photo you upload to Facebook gets tons of comments from your friends and from their friends. The beginnings of a fanbase are there, but you do not know it! This type of social media interaction is a perfect start for supporting your underwear modeling calendar. It is crucial for you (and the other guys who are set to appear) to exploit each of their fanbases. Each guy needs to get all those girls who leave admiring comments to support your crowdfunding project.

Calendar Can Be a Promotional Tool For Your Career

We've explained the need to promote the crowdfunding project - so you can generate funds to pay printing costs. But, after the calendar is printed, you will have an awesome promotional tool you can use to open doors for you. While other guys are sending in unprofessional snapshots to professionals, you are now a calendar boy and can submit a copy of your calendar. A calendar will always get opened and looked at. Its a great promotional tool for your career!

You Get Indirect Opportunities

By promoting your calendar, you allow people who have never met you to hear about it. You never know who will order a copy or read about your calendar on a blog or see your photo. Its a way to exponentially increase your name awareness among professionals - especially in big cities.

Don't Worry About Production Tasks For Now

Some people might try to be naysayers and ask you how you will get your calendar printed, who will photograph it, how you will handle design? Don't worry about the production details for now. Your only goal now is to get enough funding. The act of promoting your project and making people aware of the project should generate "helpers" you never considered. Everyone wants to be part of a success. For now, just get as many pre-sale orders as you can.

So, are you ready to get your Underwear Modeling career underway by becoming "Mr. March"? If yes, start by reading the details on how to set up your crowdfunding page. Then, start identifying energetic friends who look good in undies and who are not lazy. Good luck and we hope to see you on the pages of your calendar!

Once your calendar project is posted, email me at ...and we will pre-order a copy!



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