Weightlifters Show Off Dedication In Gym With Tasteful Nudes

Show Off an Excellent Body

Let's face it. Some guys have out of shape bodies that no one would enjoy seeing, let alone find artistic. Yet, if you have a body that you have worked hard at developing, why not show it off? You may not always look this way! Won't others consider your bare body beautiful? "You will not be in perfect shape all your life, so flaunt it while you have it," our photographer says. "The sexy photograph you pose for now will serve as a record in years to come. It is something to keep forever! Have fun and enjoy the fame!" Just make sure you pose for tasteful photos.

If you have worked out body, you should show if off - because you will not have it forever. You have been in the gym for years, but there are only a handful of people who have ever seen you out of undies. You have a lot to be proud of: pecs, abs, legs, glutes and an overall package that most men probably envy.

Some excellent photographers in major US cities such as New York and Los Angeles will include bodybuilders in the coffee table books.

Avoiding Embarrassment

Why is it that so many guys think a photo of a nude girl in Playboy Magazine is beautiful, but some of the same guys think a naked male is distasteful? They think any photographs that show a penis are sleazy. This is too simple of a standard. Some people cannot distinguish between an embarrassing photo and a artistic nude photograph. It is all a question of quality. Is the photo a sleazy porn photo, or is it an artistic photo that shows off the male body? Is it a photo that is art show quality that would appear in an art show or is it more appropriate for a porn magazine? Preoccupation with avoiding embarrassment can hinder your modeling career.

Choose a Quality Photographer

Nobody wants to appear photos in which they look like a cheeseball! The key to make sure you pose for tasteful photos. You can tell the difference. Read How to Choose a Photographer. Is the photographer's portfolio artistic, or is does it just include photos of some naked guy? Does it concentrate on the beauty of the male model's body, or does it concentrate only on the male model's penis? Are his photos something your would see in a magazine or on a porn site? If you cannot tell, show the photographers portfolio to your friends. What do they think?

So, here is a rule of thumb: Always pose for photos you would not mind anyone in the world seeing. Make sure the photos are tasteful, complement you, and you are proud of the images. You can do this by viewing the photographer's portfolio of previous photos before posing.

No Face is a Compromise

You can also pose for a style of photos that do not include your face similar to Dylan Ricci's. Faces are not necessary for artistic nude photos. Editorial work for photographers who shoot similar to Dylan Ricci do not display the identity of male models. Dylan’s website shows how male models with muscular bodies can pose for exceptional photos without showing their face or identity. You are relying on your body to make the photograph high quality. However, most photographers want to show the model’s face. If not showing your face is important to you, the model’s face should not appear in any of the images must be clearly spelled out in writing.



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